Why Fit In, When You Can STAND OUT!

Digital Media Marketing Agency

If you’re ready to build your brand with a quality website, drive revenue for your business through a targeted marketing strategy, find and action quality leads and work with an agency with proven results, you have landed in the right place.

Digital media marketing agency! That’s exactly what we are and we are damn good at it! Social media marketing and advertising, website design and rebuilds that are responsive and optimised, email marketing and of course, branding and strategy.

Videography and video editing is and incredibly important service for any digital marketing agency and we offer as individual services or can manage the entire production.

So why choose us? The distinct point of difference at McGrath Media & Marketing is, we LISTEN and take the time to understand your business and your business goals. From there, we make recommendation on what tactics, platforms and products you need to achieve your desired result.

The one thing we won’t do, is to try and squeeze your business into a “one size fits all” package which is the norm for a digital marketing agency. Every business is different and therefore every single strategy needs to reflect the individuality of each business.

McGrath Media & Advertising was founded by a girl who has a passion for all things media!

Maree McGrath has worked in the industry for 30+ years, crossing just about every platform and identifying video and digital media as distinct favourites.

We are a full service agency who offer our clients the simplest of services from building a Facebook page and publishing content to a full blown marketing strategy and targeted advertising campaigns that will deliver you an excellent return on investment. 

When you work with us, you’re working with a company that provides more than just a service. McGrath Media & Advertising is all about innovation and our responsibility to our clients is what drives us to continually seek improved, innovative and diversified strategies.

Every Business is Different

Different products, different services, different customers and most importantly, different goals!

So, will we treat each client differently? YOU BET!

First, we listen to what you are wanting to achieve.

Ever felt like you have been talking to someone about your business and they had no interest in what you were saying? Like they just wanted you to stop talking so they could start telling you what to do?

Then, we will make sure we understand your business and who your ideal customers are.

We start every project by taking time to understand your business, your goals, your challenges and your customers. This foundation ensures we offer the best solutions and strategy for your business.

Next, we offer ideas and strategies and explain how they will deliver!

There’s no point offering great advice, strategies and ideas if the plan can’t be executed perfectly and we deliver you way more than just a strategy.

Our Services Include

Social Media Management

All things social, from the strategy behind your page/s to the setup, content management and advertising

Website Design

Website designs that are a match with your business, are functional and easy to maintain

Video Production & Editing

All forms of video production and editing including the basics such as video creation for social media posts/advertising to special event videos for celebrations of any kind

Branding & Strategy

Your Brand is who you are, so a critical element in your marketing is having a strategy around how you’re going to build that brand

Email Marketing

Email isn’t dead! Increase your marketing effectiveness with custom emails that let you connect with your audience on a whole new level


A successful e-commerce business starts with a rocking website and ends with campaigns that funnel potential sales through to your website

We have worked with large multinational companies to startups so, regardless of the size of your business or scope of the project, we can deliver!